30h teacher intensive

Dates for 2021 coming soon...


Hands-on assists & alignment

Yoga Business & Marketing

workshops (Arm balance & handstand, Ashtanga, Power, Yin)



This training is designed to deepen your teaching & management skills as a 200h Yoga Teacher.

I will give you all my tips that helped my to build my brand as an international yoga teacher, how I managed to travel the world teaching workshops, classes and festivals and how I got collaborations with nike, asana rebel, carpe diem, lotuscrafts and ognx yoga within only 2 years.


We will deepen your teaching skills with focus on hands-on assists, talk about the right alignment and common mistakes in certain asanas, we will train to guide a class off the mat and to integrate different yoga styles into your teachings to be able to offer a variety of classes and flows to your students with different levels.


If you are not a Yoga Teacher and you just want to deepen your Yoga practice and learn about business & marketing you are more than welcome to join this weekend.



  • Hands-On Asissts
  • Alignment & Anatomy
  • Teaching Practicum
  • Mindset & Philosophy for your classes
  • Sequencing
  • How to build your career as a full-time yoga teacher
  • How to get International Workshops, make your own Retreats and social media collaborations
  • Media Kit & CV
  • How to use Instagram to build your brand
  • Yoga Photography & Editing
  • Masterclass Power Yoga
  • Masterclass Yin Yoga
  • Fascia Training
  • Massage Workshop
  • Ashtanga Primary Series
  • Arm Balance & Handstand Workshop - how to teach Arm Balancing safely
  • Blind Fold Class
  • Daily Meditations
  • Q & A




online mentoring for                      yoga teachers

I offer the same topics in my online mentoring program. It's one on one coaching, you decide what kind of classes and how many you would like to take and I share all my business tips about how to build a brand, how to earn money as a yoga teacher, how to travel internationally, etc. 

We discuss all the things you usually don't learn in a 200h Teacher Training and we start and finish every session with Q&A.

Ask me whatever you want to know to build your own brand and to start living your dream! Let's work together!

send a mail to mars.clementi@hotmail.com