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My name is Marcel Clementi and I am traveling the world teaching Yoga.

In my classes I focus on a healthy and happy way of living. 

Breath awareness, mindfulness and different asanas will help you to build strength & flexibility

- on and off the mat.


I am born and raised in the beautiful city Innsbruck, Austria.

A happy and healthy lifestyle has always been very important for me so I turned my passion to my profession.

My girlfriend Julie and I love to travel so we decided to leave our hometown to start exploring the world.

Now I am sharing Yoga & Meditation wherever I go.

I love to teach Power Yoga to create heat in the body, followed by calm postures to feel light & deeply relaxed.

Ashtanga Vinyasa, the combination of breath & movement, is also one of my offerings.

Wether you are new to Yoga or you are looking for advanced movement - you are in good hands with me.


If you would like me to come to your studio, just send me an e-mail. To get a better picture of me and my offerings, or to know where I'm currently at,  you can follow my journey on Instagram @marcelclementiyoga and subscribe to my YouTube channel.


See you on the mat.




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